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Julie Nichols CDT

  •  Fixed Dental Restorations
  • Patient Specific Custom Abutments
  • Contemporary and Traditional Materials
  • In Lab Custom Shading
  • Pick up and Delivery Service

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About us  

​Our goal is to provide you with

the highest quality  product and service in San Diego.


Since 1997, Pearl Dental Studio has been one of San Diego's leading cosmetic dental laboratories.  We strive for excellence in communication, aesthetics, attention to detail and consistency of our product.  We fabricate all dental restorations in our lab in San Diego County.  This provides a high level of control over product.  

        Our Mission  is to give our dentist's a superior product with exceptional attention to detail, using the highest quality materials available!

​​Pearl  Dental  ​Studio

1115 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Escondido  CA 92025

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